A little bit of background…

My name is Catrin Beck.

For more than 15 years I have been helping companies grow and thrive. From start-ups that need the entire foundation from scratch, to small and mid-size companies that want to gain market share or conquer new markets or verticals, to big global corporations that are seeking a “fresh set of eyes” for an unbiased review.
From studios and production companies, to service providers, to technology suppliers and manufacturers – I’ve worked with companies of every possible form, shape and color.

On my various assignments around the globe I realized that every company has the same fundamental requirement to grow and thrive – and even the way to get there are basically the same, regardless of the field of operation.
To satisfy those elementary needs, it imperatively takes a smart strategy to ensure long-lasting success.
That’s why I take a different approach at business consulting that is more holistic…

[icon name=”compass” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] My mission

Support my clients in growing their business – in every aspect.

My mission is to support small and mid-size companies to grow by providing a comprehensive package of high-end services that usually only large corporations can afford. This embraces the development of unconventional and viable success strategies, individually designed around the client’s needs, and geared to accelerate growth and business success while helping to streamline/optimize business processes to be more successful and profitable. Creating a tailored brand communication strategy and advise in the process of creating unique visuals is also part of the package.

[icon name=”fire” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] My passion

Creating results and achieve sustained success.

I am passionate about moving matters in the right direction: forward. Since I’m not a fan of business consultants, I work differently. For me projects aren’t projects but assignments. I will dig in deep – lock, stock and barrel.
If you let me, I will become part of your team, and think, feel and breathe for your business. I will treat you as a partner and your company as my own. That’s why I will never stop to push things forward, come up with new and improved ideas, and do whatever it takes. With focus and energy I don’t just come along – I’m a driver, proactively seeking success.

[icon name=”anchor” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] My credo

Nothing is impossible. Period.