Media+Public Relations

Get direct access to relevant media outlets – and feed them on a regular basis.

Cultivating and maintaining close relationships, and stay in friendly contact with editors of trade publications and the press on a regular basis, is critical for making sure your news and announcements actually get published. Publicizing hot topic content on a regular basis and in a timely manner helps to increase brand awareness and ensures that your target group keeps an eye on you and is always informed knows what’s new about your company.

We’ll create an integrated press campaign specifically for you, covering at least the following:

  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Award entries

Since there’s a lot more to proper media and public relations, e.g. annual Product Directory listings, event speaker proposals and such, proper Media Relations effort is rather time-consuming. Over many years we have established solid relationships with the (trade) press worldwide, specifically in the media&entertainment industry.
We are your reliable door opener – and your guarantor that your announcements will been seen by your particular audience. In roder to achieve that, we’ll build a press distribution list tailored to the region where you want your press relases to been published.

Let us open the door for you to get regular PR!