Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Close the gap between “we may” and “we will” – and be certain about the future.

Start-Ups, midsize companies, or big corporations: for every profit-oriented company it is critical to have a well-thought-out business strategy in place that will work in the long-run.

The exercise of creating a strategical roadmap is so important because it makes you focus on the important and essential aspects of your business – ALL of them. And that might even be more important than the plan itself.
However, a proper strategic business plan will have a tremendous positive impact on your business, as it will take away a lot of stress for decision making on a daily basis. By providing definitions, parameters, budgets, and strategies for all areas of your business, a lot of decisions have already been made through your strategic business plan! So you can rather focus on business development, product design, and sales.

Entrepreneurs never wing it

There are two levels of analysis I provide: a thorough Company Analysis and a Brand Refinement – that digs even deeper.

Company Analysis: digging deep

Of course, nobody knows your company better than you. However, regardless whether you’ve built your company from the ground up, or just took over the management 6 months (or 20+ years) ago, it is always a smart idea to check the current status – on every possible level. How long ago have you scrutinized the status quo of your company? A company analysis from “an outsider” (or another set of eyes) can help to uncover unused potential, unrealized opportunities and room for improvement all around.

The same applies to the particular market you’re in. Evaluating latest developments in the market temperature, evolutionary leaps within your target group(s), or tectonic shifts in the technology concerning your business can’t do any harm – but only reveal potential new opportunities.

Instead, smart entrepreneurs put a lot of thought into the business plan before they get started – or at least shortly after they got started. It is the ultimate roadmap of your company and should be reviewed at least quarterly to make sure everything and everybody are still on the right track. However, there’s a big difference between a business plan and an strategic plan.

We will not just look at the standard figures and values to assess your company and the market. We will dig deep, and look behind the scenes where usually hardly anyone ever looks. Analyzing the past, the present and the future is part of the procedure and the results will provide you with scenarios for when you get hit by an unforeseen curveball.

A thorough company analysis is always part of the Brand Refinement process, however, in case you don’t want “the big package”, I would be happy to support you in investigating and identifying options to enhance business processes, increase sales and improve your positioning in the market.

Brand Refinement: digging even deeper

Is your brand the strongest it can be? Let’s make sure it is.

A Brand Refinement is comparable to a full luxury package of a professional car detailing. Using a dedicated methodology for “steam cleaning” the interior and exterior of your brand, I have the tools to adjust the critical parameters and help you build a better, stronger brand. Questioning everything, both internal and external matters, is part of that process, aiming to distill your business down to its very essence, unveiling its uniqueness and core strengths.

At the end of the process, your brand will “sparkle” in new glory. Learn more about the proccess of Brand Refinement.

Let’s establish a solid strategy – it’s the basis for everything.