Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Better marketing = better sales.
An intelligent marketing strategy paves the way.

A marketing plan covers a whole lot more than just advertising – it embraces everything.

One of the keys to long-term business success and growing sales numbers is a resourceful and all-embracing strategy for your marketing and communications (marcom) efforts.

To increase brand awareness and gain market share, building a comprehensive and sturdy foundation for the presentation of your company is critical to ensure long-term, sustainable success. In terms of marcom, this requires a central “messaging package,” covering all relevant essentials concerning your business.

Usually derived from (and “automatically” developed in the course of creating) the strategic business plan, the central messaging package can, however, also be established on its own, providing fast and easy access to “messaging building blocks” for consistent and strong messaging both internally (ensuring that all employees tell the same “story” coherently) and to the rest of the world. In the long-run, the messaging package will be your insurance policy to safeguard a consistent messaging across all

Safeguard your messaging

In the long-run, the messaging package will be your insurance policy to ensure consistent messaging across all marcom activities on all channels, including press campaigns and advertising.

The messaging package should comprise of:

  1. Brand Positioning Statement
  2. Executive summary / Company Profile
  3. Elevator-Pitch (45sec, 2min, 15min)
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Value Propositions (both corporate and all product

Once all the critical parts have been established, it’s time to implement them into a marcom program incl. strategy and tactics.

Putting the messaging package to work

Modern marketing concepts have to be comprehensive, unconventional and brave – and in my book, there’s never “one-size-fits-all” approach. Only the exact requirements of your company determine the particular marketing schedule and messaging content.

The marketing plan we will create you will be yours, and yours alone – specifically designed to precisely fit your individual needs.

While still implementing field-proven, “traditional” key marketing strategies, we’ll create a comprehensive mix, embracing modern marcom instruments as well – all geared towards boosting your sales numbers and increase your brand awareness.

To protect and support your brand and brand messaging, sticking to the plan consistently is critical. However, we advise to review the original marketing strategy on a regular basis to ensure it’s still appropriate, useful, and current today. Both internal modifications and shifts in the market might make it necessary to adjust the marketing plan accordingly, in order to gain maximum impact of the marketing measures.

Let’s create a plan that follows through. It’s about focus.