Event Marketing

About trade shows, webinars & co.

Events are a great way to interact with your prospects personally.

Trade Show or virtual exhibiton? Road show or in-house exhibition? There are many ways to support your sales department by promoting your company and products in additiona to phone sales and channel marketing (although we can help with the latter, too!).


Event Marketing Support for:

While trade shows are a great way to meet and interact with potential new customers on a very personal level, let's face it: trade shows are expensive. To help you achieve the best ROI, we offer different packages of trade show support:
Preparing a show properly by creating a lot of noise weeks and even months before the show is critical. We offer pre-show public relations to make sure you'll have the most traffic on your booth.
Planning and organizing a trade show can potentially be very tricky - but most definitely it's time-consuming and exhausting.
We offer pre-show and at-show services, and help you find the right booth builder, supervise the booth built, and even attend your booth during the show if required.
To keep the buzz about your company even after the show, post-show PR is just as critical.
We make sure that the noise we've created for you before the show will last - long after the show is over.
A great way to educate and engage people from across the country (or even across the globe), webinars can generate a lot of immediate sales leads.
While the preparation and execution of webinars is comparably easy, the big upside of webinars is that the created content can easily be utilized as an “educational tool” on all other channels (from your own website to social media channels and so on).
We offer to help you set up your own webinar - and promote it in every scope you deem appropriate.
Virtual events with a fully interactive set-up (audio, video, and bi-directional chat) also provide an opportunity to meet, engage, and educate people - but without effort and costs for travel.
We offer planning, promoting and executing virtual events on every scope.

Everything you need for your event.